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Media facade in the “Planeta Mall”

For the first time in Ukraine, Planeta Mall will create a media facade based on LED pixels. A similar technology is used on facades with large and extra-large area and has been successfully applied to the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The implementation and development of media architecture is carried out by the “CMS” company.

The media façade will consist of LED pixels placed in lamellas. This façade will cover more than 2,500 square meters, which will allow broadcasting a variety of content from simple text messages to videos and dynamic graphics. For Kharkiv, this will be the largest media facade, which will become a bright and innovative decoration of the city.

The main advantage of the unique technology is the creation of a media facade of any configuration. “The geometry of the Planeta Mall has its own architectural features – wavy shapes and the presence of rounded craters. The resolution of the media facade is also non-standard and is 400mm horizontally and 100mm vertically, which requires a special approach to the preparation and display of content. Special software will be created to demonstrate video, graphics and animation “- comments Oleg Bogomolov, head of the CMS company.

According to the chief executive officer of the mall, Katarina Bebia, a bright and eye-catching facade will emphasize the architecture of Planeta Mall, and will become its business card, which will complement the design concept of the facility, made in a space-planetary image. “Thanks to modern technologies applied on the media facade, the mall will have a unique opportunity to surprise its visitors and create unforgettable emotions every day. Planeta Mall will become an integral part of the city’s attractions and will be no less famous in Kharkiv than the Burj Khalifa in the world, ”says Katarina.