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“Planeta Mall” placed a signboard

The shopping and entertainment center “Planeta Mall”, which will be opened this year, has placed one of the front advertising signs.

The history of this retail property has developed very interesting, because Kharkiv residents have called it differently for 10 years: “Magelan”, “Kraina”, “Caravan”, “Ashan”, and even the name of the nearby shopping center “Metro”. The fact is that when, back in 2011, the Magelan shopping center opened its doors, there was not a single signboard or identifying designation. Residents of the city called the shopping center by the names of the above food supermarkets (tenants) working in it.

We have got exclusive photos from the process of installation of signs of all previously operating supermarkets in this shopping and entertainment center, as well as a photo of the placement of the sign of the new Planeta Mall. This confirms the fact that it will finally be possible to correctly mention the name of the facility of the management company.

SEC “Planeta Mall” is located at Kharkov, st. Ring Shlyakh, 4a. Previously, the object had the name “Magelan”, but after the change of ownership it was renamed and work began on a global change in the format and development of the project – rebranding, construction of the second stage, renovation of the first stage. Today it is the largest shopping and entertainment center in eastern Ukraine (GBA – 110,000 sq. M. GLA 70,000 sq. M.).

The source of information “Наш Харьков”