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Towards a successful renovation

In the shopping and entertainment center “Planeta Mall” active work continues on the construction of the second stage. The opening is scheduled for the spring of 2022 and the volume of work performed testifies to the successful reconstruction process.

At the construction site, the facade work is being successfully completed: the building has been glazed, lamellas have been installed, entrance groups are being designed and communications for lighting are being carried out. In the near future, it is planned to install the main sign of the shopping center, for which a metal frame has already been installed. At the same time, work is underway to integrate and install media carriers and technologies, which will create a unique space in the retail real estate market. All construction forces are directed to the second stage. Modern panoramic elevators and escalators have already been installed, lot partitions have been built, atriums have been glazed. Work continues on all communications, finishing works and interior design. Full photo report.

Special attention is paid to the improvement of the territory and the organization of the internal space in order to create the most convenient and comfortable conditions for visiting, shopping and recreation. Pedestrian paths, ramps for cars from all sides of the facility, landscape design will be created. In the shopping and entertainment center “Planeta Mall” there will be one of the largest food courts in the city, recreation areas will be equipped, the most favorite shops of Kharkiv residents will be opened. Recall that the renovation of the first stage was successfully completed in July 2021, and the mall also received an act of commissioning.


The total area of ​​the Planeta Mall will be 110,000 m2, of which 70,000 m2 for rent. The parking lot of the facility provides 1000+ parking spaces. The location of the mall next to the “Metro” and “Epicenter” hypermarkets contributes to the creation of a powerful shopping cluster, which will become a guarantee of high traffic to the facility. To date, 75% of lease agreements have been signed with the assistance of UTG, an exclusive broker.